Thursday, December 17, 2009

Berry Springs

The photo that I've used as my profile pic on this blog is taken at Berry Springs, which is 40 minutes drive from Darwin in the Northern Territory

I have tried to find further information about the history and significance of the site, but so far have only seen the "european" version about it being a camp for soldiers during the war

Never-the-less it is a feel-good place and we all know about the healing properties of springs all over the world.

Berry Springs isn't a really hot spring which I had expected, but definitely not cold water either - just right : )

Theres not that many swimming places around Darwin that are safe from crocs, and Berry Springs has croc traps so, aside from being a beautiful oasis hangout, it usually comes with peace of mind.

Recently it was closed down due to bacteria and while visiting, it had crossed my mind to jump the fence and have a swim anyway.... I'm relieved that I didn't because a few days later a huge croc was found in a trap there!