Sunday, June 20, 2010

Indian Cowboys / Cowboy Indians

Video Installation
Dimensions Variable

Whoever the last true cowboy in America turns out to be,
he’s likely to be an Indian

A quote by William Least Heat-Moon (originally William Trogdon),
from Blue Highways: A Journey into America

Statement about the work by Jenny Fraser:

This work is a communication to my old people.

When pondering their image, I noticed that the photographs had been doctored to lighten skin.

This pains me.

It seems that they were too black.

They worked on cattle properties, far away from their homelands.

I wish to try to let them know what their old stomping ground is like now…

dressing-up in the photo booth is something that people do for fun.

It’s not real, but it is the photography of the day in a theme park inspired playground.

Pictured here is my art family, lenticular-style, a movement, a resistance…

I am left to wonder how real the portrait sittings were for my old people?

Did they find it fun?

What would they dress as now? The Indian or the Cowboy or the Cowboy Indian?

Detail view (family photographs)
Detail view; Video Installation at ICAN (Indonesia Contemporary Artists Network), Jogjakarta

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