Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road Trip

A short Film

One Liner:
A young girls memory of a road trip with her dad which sparked a nation wide search.

This is a personal story of an extended camping trip that explores ideas of movement, family, place and the mindset of the 70's.

A 4 year old is on a long journey with her father. She spends time with his side of the family enjoying new experiences.

Then the Police take her away and she leaves them behind.

Story Outline:
A father and mother agree that he can take his daughter south to a beach side camp for a long weekend. They end up on a road trip, a very long drive, around 3000km further north. Her dad buys her a bag of mixed lollies and a new denim outfit. Her Grandma is there as well, with whom she spends some nurturing time and a new coastal landscape. Her father works.

Meanwhile, her mother is distraught and seeks custody and police support. A nation wide search ends months later.

This is a story of “kidnap”.

The primary purpose of this as a short drama is to impart the story. While this is an obvious statement, it is however necessary to ascertain that it is not an intention to flesh out “issues” or spoon feed the audience. Rather, provide a personal account of a story that has had an impact on peoples lives and the audience will be left to make up their own minds.

This work investigates important elements of my family history and involves research with family members and possibly more formal culture brokers also.

The story generally looks at kidnap by family members, important oral history along with an environmental snapshot of the day (1970s). The outcome could also possible take the form of a docudrama.

This project follows on generations later, from where preceding projects ‘other[wize]’ and ‘unsettled’ left off. See:

There is a script for a 10minute film... however I plan to further research and develop ideas in order to further develop for a trailer.

When finalised it could possibly be suitable for multiple screening contexts, including the site-specific.

Approach / Style:
This story will be told through utilising a range of dramatisation techniques.

An “unearthing” or collective remembering and family photographs could be used to compliment some scenes.

· This can be filmed in 3 parts, or locations: the road trip with father and daughter, mother and baby at home and also father, daughter and grandma at the Darwin destination. Along with 1970s style costuming and props, Super 8 footage is suggested here, for a more grainy “old” feel and an orange tinge similar to the photography from that era.

· Re-enactment of Television / Radio News 1976, Newspapers, Radio. The re-enactment, or re-creation will add a different dimension to the mere retelling of the story.

· Narration could also be added.

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